Harmonium Paloma 32 keys, 2 set of reeds

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Paloma 32 keys 2 reed set is an excellent harmonium manufactured by the well-known craftsman of Mumbai, Haribhau Vishwanath. It is made from high quality seasoned wood and the construction/assembly of the instrument is done with extreme care. The result is a harmonium that shows no signs of handcrafting typical of Indian products; this is also due to some parts of the instrument which are machine-made in the workshop. It has a very full, round sound, with a moderate volume; the reeds are made of copper and maintain good tuning over time. The sustain is very good in its category, thanks obviously also to our improvements which we apply to each instrument. You can easily play chords with a constant sound despite its small size. The weight is 6.5 kgs, it can be easily transported with the supplied bag. If your use is mostly at home, we recommend the same model with 39 keys.


Dimensions: 45 x 29 x 20 cm approx       Weight: 6.5 kgs approx 

- 2,5 octaves, 32 keys 

- 2 set of reeds Bass + Male 

- 2 stops for air control, 2 drones 

- Triple fold bellow opening from top 

- English keys

- Made of teak wood (Indian soli wood)

- Natural color 

- Wax Matte finish


In our workshop we make the tuning and refinement of each instrument before it is shipped.

This includes detailed inspection of the proper functioning of each part and improvement on the general performance.

We tune every instrument to 440Hz, and on request we can make tuning at 432Hz or others. Please select the type of tuning and contact us if you want a special setup of the instrument.


You have 30 days time to return your product. Please retain the original packaging if you wish to return your product.

All the product must be return to our warehouse in Italy.

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