Welcome to Kirtan Yoga World! I am Sridhar Das (Samuele Sridama Burro), the founder of Kirtan Yoga World.

Having spent more than 10 years of my life in India practicing bhakti yoga, kirtan yoga and nada yoga, I have been able to go deep into each of these practices and be in contact with different craftsmen of musical instruments.

I therefore decided to dedicate full time to share nada yoga, the yoga of sound, and to provide quality instruments at an affordable price for everyone.

Today Kirtan Yoga World is one of the main point of reference for the purchase of Indian and therapeutic musical instruments. We provide retail sales to private customers, and wholesales for yoga centers and Shops in Europe and worldwide.

All our instruments are checked and refined before being shipped to our customers. When you receive a product directly from India, this requires most of the time a quality check and performance improvement. All this is done in our workshop: maintenance, tuning, performance improvement etc ... This is what makes the difference in a handmade musical instrument, having the knowledge of the instrument itself and increase its potential.


Sridhar Das

Sridhar Das was born in Italy and grew up in a family practicing Bhakti Yoga, the yoga of devotion and love. Therefore since childhood he got the opportunity to be in contact with kirtan and various Indian musical instruments.

In 2010 at the age of 19 he traveled to the city of Vrindavan, India, where he met his spiritual master and thus decided to devote himself fully to the practice of bhakti yoga, nada yoga and kirtan yoga.

During the following years he receives more and more requests for musical instruments and therefore decides to develop knowledge in this field so as to be able to satisfy the requests of any practitioner, beginner or professional.

Since few years  holds workshops and concert of Kirtan Yoga and organizes regularly retreats of Nada / Kirtan Yoga in Italy and India.

Spending several months a year in India, he has the opportunity to frequently visit the makers, checking the production and improving the quality of the products. Its main role in Kirtan Yoga World is therefore to select products and create new features on them. He also deals with customer support providing instructions on how to play and maintain each type of instrument.

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