Welcome in Kirtan Yoga World! I am Samuel (Sridhara Das), creator of Kirtan Yoga World. Since 2010 i study classical music and the art of kirtan in India, and 2014 i decided to share with my brothers and sisters what i have learnt during my studies. I then started to teach indian vocal singing (dhrupad), harmonium, percussions and how to play kirtans and bhajans along with the sale of musical instruments. Being for a long time in close contact with different manufacturers, I developed a deep knowledge in the production and in the quality of musical instruments, especially in harmoniums. My aspiration is to help people to increase the art of Nada Yoga, that is the union with the Absolute through the sound, and to provide a point of reference and trust to buy musical instruments. We offer a dedicated assistance to choose the right product and to find the own musical path. For those who want to go deeper in learning kirtan and indian classical music we organize intensive courses/holidays in Italy and India.

To receive any kind of information, please contact us at: info@kirtanyogaworld.com

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