All our orders are shipped from our warehouse in Italy.

-As soon as we receive an order, we start preparing the instrument. We do not send instruments which are stocked in the warehouse since months without being checked. For instance, before shipping an harmonium we take care to tune the reeds properly and we check that everything is working fine. This it can take also three to four days. We give more importance to prepare the instrument for our customer, rather then sending it as soon as possible as it is, just to show how much fast is the shipping. It is not a service that can be done in Amazon prime, but it gives to the customer the safety and assurance that will get an instrument ready for play, without loosing time in adjusting anything.

-After receiving an order, most of the instruments are shipped within 5 working days, and will reach your home in 3 to 6 days. If you need to receive your order faster or/and in a precise date, please contact us so that we can try to arrange it.

-The safety of our packing is above the packing standard. We take care that the product will be  properly dispatched and will arrive to you without any problem. Anyway if you will receive a damaged item, we will immediately solve the problem.

-To ask any information about the methods of shipping, contact us at

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