Manoj Kumar Sardar Harmonium 9 Scale Changer

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portable, concert quality, TEAK wood

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Scale Changer Harmonium manufactured by Manoj Kumar Sardar in Calcutta. Fantastic harmonium made with high quality materials and with great care by one of the best scale changer harmonium makers. There are 3 sets of high quality Palitana reeds that give a wonderful sound with a great resonance. The change of scale allows you to change different tunes depending on your needs. It is a model preferred by artists for concerts but also by those who want a great instrument lasting for many years.


Dimensions Close : 26 x 17,5 x 7 inches approx  Dimensions Open : 26 x 17,5 x 11 inches approx

Weight : 15,5 Kg approx

-Manufactured by Manoj Kumar Sardar

-Concert Quality Harmonium

-3 octaves, 37 keys in total

- 4 stop, 5 drones

-Coupler Function, plays 2 notes together of 2 different octaves to create a richer sound

-Set of 3 special High quality "Palitana" reeds, superb quality of sound

-Instant response keyboard

-Multi-fold bellows (7 layers), Easy pumping and constistent sustain

-Made with High Quality dried Indian wood - TEAK wood

-Natural Color

-Tested by our experts before Shipping


In our workshop we make the tuning and refinement of each instrument before it is shipped.

This includes detailed inspection of the proper functioning of each part and improvement on the general performance.

We tune every instrument to 440Hz, and on request we can make tuning at 432Hz or others. Please select the type of tuning and contact us if you want a special setup of the instrument.


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