Harmonium Raga Kolkata 3 set of reeds, folding

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3 set of reeds, portable, concert quality

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Professional Harmonium manufactured in Kolkata by Raga maker. The materials are of excellent quality, Burma Teak wood for the internal / external structure and Palitana reeds which gives an extremely sweet and melodious sound.

This model compare to others of a similar manufacture, has an extraordinary sustain of sound therefore is very easy to play for any kind of music .Mostly, he is a beloved model for accompanying and singing classical Indian music and for Kirtan & Bhajan players who love the Palitana reeds sweet sound.

The decorations further enhance the beauty of the instrument. We recommend this model to professional players for concert purpose or anyone who wants to have an instrument with excellent sound and material quality.


-Tuning and refinement of the instrument made in our workshop

-Padded carry bag

-Assistance on how to use the instrument


Weight: 13Kg

-Professional quality harmoniu made in kolkata / Calcutta

-Folding / portable structure

-42 keys, 3.5 octaves. Keyboard "english" style, is possible to adjust the height and pressure of the keys

-Set of 3 special High quality "Palitana" reeds Bass + Male + Female, superb quality of sound

-3 stops for air control, 5 drones, 1 tremolo function

-Multi-fold bellows (7 layers), Easy pumping and constistent sustain

-Made entirely in Burma Teak wood

-Mahogany Color

-Glossy finish


In our workshop we make the tuning and refinement of each instrument before it is shipped.

This includes detailed inspection of the proper functioning of each part and improvement on the general performance.

We tune every instrument to 440Hz, and on request we can make tuning at 432Hz or others. Please select the type of tuning and contact us if you want a special setup of the instrument.


You have 30 days time to return your product. Please retain the original packaging if you wish to return your product.

All the products must be return to our warehouse in Italy.

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